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Monohara is the term for trash pits of damaged ceramics next to a noborigama, or chambered climbing kiln. Over long periods of time, ceramic strata form in the monohara, which tell us a story of our current place in the sediment of Hasami ceramics, building upon a long history and traditional technique.
The history of Hasami ceramics was revealed with the excavation of a monohara. It began 400 years ago with a small kiln, which then transformed into the largest climbing kiln the world had ever seen. Eventually Hasami would become one of the largest producers of porcelain dishes in Japan. Hasami still thrives today as one of the nation’s leading ceramic producers, with a particular resilience and versatility to acclimate with the changes of the times.

As heirs to this traditional industry, our goal is to create ceramics that transcend countries and genres for people all around the world to use and enjoy. MONOHARA lays the newest stratum of Hasami ceramics onto a land steeped in history, a fortuitous time capsule left unto us by centuries of craftsmanship.