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The HASAMI brand crafts Hasami ceramics from the town of the same name in Nagasaki Prefecture.
Until recently Hasami ceramics was relatively unknown, long grouped under the umbrella of the more well known Imari porcelain of the Arita area of Saga Prefecture. Hasami ceramics production is characterized by a specialized division of labour where shaping, molding, glazing, and firing are handled independently. Such involved systems of production can lead to communication problems and require large amounts of money and time when developing new products, but for Hasami ceramics, it has allowed for each craftsman to hone highly advanced techniques and work more efficiently.

The HASAMI brand takes pride in local traditions and breaks down barriers inherent to this model of specialized labor to create practical ceramic tools. We want to design tools that are a joy to wear in and wear out, tools that have an allure beyond words.